Watermelon-Eating Techniques Of Large Animals, Ranked

Feeding whole watermelons to large animals and uploading the resulting videos to YouTube is a thing that people do, and it is one of the best uses of the internet. It’s pretty exciting to watch these beasts lay waste to a 10-pound piece of fruit like it’s a grape or something. So here are some videos of large animals… » 4/30/15 5:30pm Thursday 5:30pm

Jon Jones Arrested 

According to the Bernalillo County (New Mexico) Metropolitan Detention Center bookings database, UFC fighter Jon Jones was arrested at the Winrock Shopping Center in Albuquerque at 5:30 p.m. local time tonight. Jones was booked about two hours later. The arrest was first reported by MMA Junkie, who confirmed it with… » 4/28/15 12:10am Tuesday 12:10am

Petr Mrazek Makes Unbelievable Lunging Stick Save

The Tampa Bay Lightning beat up on Red Wings goalie Petr Mrazek tonight, scoring four goals against him (plus an empty-netter) in a 5-2 victory to force Game 7. Despite the poor result, Mrazek had the save of the game (of the playoffs? of the season?) with this crazy lunging robbery of Brian Boyle. The goal was so… » 4/27/15 11:27pm Monday 11:27pm

Six Players Suspended For Royals-White Sox Brawl

Major League Baseball has handed down suspensions for Thursday’s benches clearing scuffle between the Royals and White Sox, and there are a bunch of them. Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura, whose taunting helped set-off the fight, was suspended the longest, for seven games. Teammate Edison Volquez got five games, as did… » 4/25/15 1:40pm 4/25/15 1:40pm

The Wizards Are Figuring It Out, And The Raptors Aren't Good Enough

“That is a bad man, number 34.” Those are the words color commentator Doris Burke used to describe Paul Pierce’s game-sealing three-pointer against the Toronto Raptors last night. In just thirty seconds the Raptors cut an eight point deficit to three, and if the Wizards had come up empty, the Raptors would’ve had a… » 4/25/15 11:34am 4/25/15 11:34am

This piece originally stated that the first draft class eligible for the big salary increases would be the class of 2012. That was incorrect; it is actually the class of 2011. Though the draft class of 2011 can first sign their extensions in 2015, they won’t kick in until 2016, the first year the salary cap will… » 4/25/15 10:30am 4/25/15 10:30am

Down 20 Late, The Warriors Top The Pelicans In A Bananas Game

That might be the most incredible basketball game I have ever witnessed. As late as six minutes into the fourth quarter, the Pelicans held a 17-point lead over the Warriors. The Warriors weren’t just getting beat, they were getting comprehensively outplayed by the eight seed. And then in six quick minutes, the… » 4/24/15 1:58am 4/24/15 1:58am

Argentine Goalkeeper Commits Two Clown Show Errors 

I know next to nothing about San Martín de Tucumán goalkeeper José Martínez Gullotta, but I feel confident saying this was the worst performance of his career. Playing his debut match for San Martín against Argentinos in the Copa Argentina round of 32, Gullotta turned his back to the field for God knows what reason,… » 4/23/15 11:32pm 4/23/15 11:32pm

Vladimir Tarasenko Scores Ridiculous One-Handed Goal

We have featured the exploits of Blues forward Vladimir Tarasenko in this space before, and watching him play never gets old. Here he is somehow smacking a backhanded shot past Wild goalie Devin Dubnyk. Tarasenko’s goal was his second second of the game, and Dubnyk was pulled a few minutes later after letting in his… » 4/23/15 12:13am 4/23/15 12:13am

Chris "Birdman" Andersen Is An Incredibly Strange Interviewee

Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post interviewed Heat center Chris Andersen before one of the final games of the season, opening with a question about all of the injuries the Heat suffered this year. But Andersen quickly took the interview in a, uh, different direction. Here’s an excerpt: » 4/22/15 11:01pm 4/22/15 11:01pm

Barry Bonds's Obstruction Of Justice Conviction Tossed Out

Twelve years after his testimony in the BALCO case, eight years after he was indicted by a grand jury for perjury and obstruction of justice for that testimony, and four years after he was convicted of a single obstruction of justice charge, the federal government’s case against Barry Bonds has been revealed to be… » 4/22/15 8:50pm 4/22/15 8:50pm