Hornets Small Forward Jeff Taylor Charged With Domestic Assault [Update]

Charlotte Hornets small forward Jeff Taylor was arrested at a hotel in East Lansing, Michigan, Thursday morning. According to WCNC, Taylor was charged with "one count of domestic assault, assault and malicious destruction of property." The details surrounding the arrest are scant, and it is not immediately clear… »9/26/14 1:10am9/26/14 1:10am

ESPN's Sourcing Policies Actually Make Some Sense

ESPN is frequently criticized around these parts. Much of the time—say, their coverage of Janay Palmer being abused by Ray Rice—that criticism is 100% justified. But other times it isn't, and the zeal to take shots at ESPN isn't accompanied by the appropriate understanding of why they do what they do. Today is a… »7/31/14 6:30pm7/31/14 6:30pm